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Srusti Research & Development Cell (SRDC)

As a frontrunner B-School, Srusti Academy of Management consistently strives to develop itself to a value and need based quality education provider responsive to the fast changing business scenario. In the endeavor to encourage Management education and carry out fundamental and applied research in the fields, the Institute has set up Srusti Research & Development cell with the support of a group of experts from Industry and Academia.

Functions of R&D Committee:
  • To identify the training needs of the faculty members and staffs for designing FDPs/SDPs.
  • To organize training/ faculty development programmes periodically to enrich teaching and research quality of faculty members.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of training / FDPs/SDPs.
  • To review R & D activities of faculty members and the institute in terms of publishing Research Articles in reputed journals, presentation of papers in National/International Conferences etc.
  • To focus on content enrichment and effective implementation of the content by the faculty members.
  • To monitor the initiatives taken by the faculty members for self development.
  • To foster leadership skill and teamwork among faculty members and staff.
  • To enable faculty members to interface with Industry.
  • To undertake sponsored research/ survey and various social research projects and provide unbiased and authentic information to sponsors.
  • To encourage Faculty Members association as members of Professional Bodies.
Prime Fields of Research:

Research Cell will purse research in all fields of management which will contribute new theoretical results in different streams of management, business and IT. The prime filed of research will be

  • Human Resource Management
  • Operation Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management Information system ERP
  • I.T./Computer Application