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Assistant Professor



Dr. Arpan Mahapatra

Assistant Professor

Brief Profile

Dr. Arpan Mahapatra holds a PhD. Degree in Finance from the prestigious Sri Sri University, Cuttack. He has a teaching and research experience of around 8 years. He has to his credit several research publications in scopus indexed journals. He has also presented papers in various National and International conferences.  Apart from taking core papers in finance, Dr. Arpan has special expertise in grooming students in soft skill. He has been conducting sessions of personality development and various other soft skill activities.

Research Paper and Articles

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  18. A.Mahapatra,(2014), Market Analysis and Segmentation using GIS as an intellect tool- A case study of herbal cosmetic products market in the greater Guwahati city. Researches in National Seminar, SRUSTI College of Management

Paper Presentation

  1. Presented paper on “Impact of FID on Covid-19: Sustainability of economy” in the International Conference on business sustainability & development opportunities in the world of constant eruption conducted by Poornima University.
  2. Presentation in Odisha Lecturers Meet for “Astha College of Management, BBSR” on “Leadership Skills”